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Hands and Heart Postpartum Care

Compassionate Postpartum Care During the Priceless 1st Months of Parenthood

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Preparing for a baby is expensive. Postpartum care is no exception. Many parents simply can’t afford to pay for one more service after baby arrives. At the same time, taking care of yourselves as a family during the postpartum year is vital. You're probably concerned about finances, overwhelmed with emotion, unsure how to introduce new routines into your lives, and sleep-deprived, to boot! To address this reality, I offer affordable classes that deal with common areas of stress for families. Each of these classes was drafted to make life simpler in a specific way for families with young children. 

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Family classes addressing common areas of stress for young parents

DIY Babymoon 4 Hrs $30

Babymoon is a phrase coined by childbirth educator Sheila Kitzinger to describe taking time off after the birth of a new baby to bond as a family.

This class is for couples expecting a baby who would like to take time to focus on their new baby, learn how to accept practical help from family & friends, reduce postpartum stress, & want to minimize the risks of postpartum anxiety or depression. 

Objectives: you'll list types of help you want to receive & meals your family enjoys; identify your support people & types of help they’ll  provide; draft a schedule of postpartum care; understand special care needs you might not  expect after birth; & be aware of numerous local resources available to help address those needs.

Meal Planning to save Money & time 4 Hrs $30

Create a meal plan your busy family will enjoy, and leave equipped to maintain that plan.

Spend less time & money shopping for & preparing family meals, eat at home more, & eat better.

Objectives: you'll  draft a personalized meal plan using your own family meals, learn to make meal plans for 1-week to 1-month, create a simple grocery list that’s easy to edit & keep up with (unless you lose your phone!), & identify pantry staples to keep on hand so you always have quick meals on hand.

2-hour Classes $15

Simple Diy Cleaning Products

Make house cleaning easier by adding your own homemade cleaning supplies to a simple cleaning routine

Spend less on cleaning supplies, & make cleaning tasks simpler by making your own cleaning products that are safe for your family. 

Bring 2 8-ounce (or more) containers & we’ll make a couple of cleaners for you to try at home. 

Objectives: you’ll discover tools you may need to simplify your cleaning process, identify harmful chemicals in cleaning products & safe, commercial cleaning products; share your own cleaning tips; & take home several recipes for cleaning products, & tip sheets to simplify your routine.

Lose the Paper Piles

Learn how to control the paper that comes into your home

Simplify document management for your family & learn how to control paper. 

Objectives: you’ll learn how to limit the amount of paper you deal with in your home, discover a simple filing plan for papers that you must keep, establish a plan to maintain the system, & outline the steps necessary to turn your paper piles into an organized family filing system.

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